Benefits Doctors, Benefits Patients


1) Lowest premium Family (Husband, Wife and 4 Children) Floater Mediclaim

2) Lowest Premium Parents (up to 69 yrs) and Parents(up to 69 yrs) Mediclaim

3) Free Dental Treatments Mediclaim

4) Immediate Pre-Existing Diseases Coverage Co-pay Mediclaim

5) Immediate Maternity Treatments Coverage Co-pay Mediclaim

6) Cosmetic, Alcoholic, Mental Treatments Coverage Co-pay Mediclaim

7) All Insurance Exclusions Coverage Co-pay Mediclaim

8) Yearly Medical Check-Up Coverage Co-pay Mediclaim

9) First and Only Money Back Mediclaim

10) Daily Premium Paying Mediclaim

11) Monthly Premium Paying Mediclaim

12) 100% Cashless Mediclaim for all Insurance Companies

13) Cashless Pre and Post Hospitalization OPD treatment Mediclaim

14) Ayurveda Panchakarma Treatments Coverage Mediclaim

15) E-Opinion with respect to critical illness and Double cover if diagnosed with cancer

16) Daily Cash Benefit Mediclaim


All Club members will get 1) Jandhan Medical Insurance @ Low Premium. 2) Medicines, Laboratory Tests and Treatments @ 10 to 50% Discount. 3) Ayurveda Medicines & Food Supplements @ Discount.

1) Women's Health Medical Club : Free One Gynaecology check up, if laboratory tests (Rs. 500) are paid. Two Cancer Pap Smear tests @ Discount Smear. Cancer Vaccination @ Discount.

2) Diabetes Medical Club : Free 3 Quarterly Diabetes Screen tests, if yearly Master Check up is paid.

3) Blood Pressure & Heart Health Club : 12 Blood Pressure check ups are free (One/Month).

4) Asthma, COPD and Brochitis Club : 1) Monthly 1 Nebulisation Free 2) Inhaler/Rotacap supplied free for 1 year for members. 3) Doctor consultation @ discount.

5) Mental Health Club : 1 Doctor Consultation Free, if laboratory tests (Rs. 500) are paid. 2)Alternative Medicines Treatments for Mental Health.

6) Bone And Joints Medical Club : 1 Doctor Consultation Free, if laboratory tests (Rs. 500) are paid. 2) Alternative Medicines Treatments for Mental Health.

7) Right Weight Club : DNA Based Right Weight, (Life Long Plan). Weight Reduction/Weight Gain Scheme up to 5 kg./month Discount.

8) Avoid Surgery Club : 1 Doctor Consultation Free, if laboratory tests (Rs. 500) are paid. Alternative Medicines Treatments to avoid surgeries.

9) Hair, Skin, Beauty & Wellness Club : 12 Doctor Consultations Free (One / Month). Two Computer Hair Analysis (Tricho-Scan) Free.

10) Child Gwoth & Development Club : Free Dental Check up every 6 months. IQ Test, Brain Mapping (DMIT) and Mental Health test @ Discount. Eye Check up and Diet plan Consultation @ Discount. Vaccination including Cancer Vaccination @ Discount. Alternative Medicines for Memory Boost and Food supplements for growth @ Discount.

11) Dental Digital Smile Club : 12 Doctor Consultations Free (One / Month). Two Tooth Cleanings, Two Dental X-rays and One Simple Extraction Free. Free Dental Mediclaim for Mediclaim Members.

12) Organs Transplant Club : 100% assistance for managing Cadaver & Live Organ Transplants. Providing World Wide Information about Organs Transplants.


Safe Pregnancy & Intelligent Healthy Child Plan (Up to 5 years)
1) Mis-Carriages (32% in India)
2) Still Births & Birth Defects (17 Lacs/year in India)
3) Pregnancy Complications (40% in India)
4) Mothers’ Death During Delivery (120 /day in India)
5) Death of New born within a month (7 Lac in India)
6) Pre-term Child Birth (24% in India)

B.1) Pre-term Child Birth : Organs not Fully developed, Low Immunity to Diseases, Prone to diseases like Diabetes, Heart diseases, Cancer, Respiratory Diseases, Obesity etc.

B.2) Caesarean : Maternal death, Emergency removal of Uterus, Stroke, Depression, Infection, Back pain, Headache, Nerve Damage, Adhesion, Future C-Section, Future risk of Low Lying Placenta.

C.1) Multi-Speciality Care : Pregnant Mother will be under the care of Multi Speciality Team consisting of Gynaecologist, Foetal Medicine Specialist, Paediatrician, Dermatologist, Dentist, Nutritionist, Physio-Therapist, Psychotherapist (Counsellor), Ayurveda Doctor etc. So that Intelligent Healthy Child is born through Normal Delivery.
C.2) Safe Pregnancy Classes : Safe Pregnancy and Normal Delivery Classes (Garbh Sanskar, Lamaze etc.) are conducted.

C.3) Pregnancy Requirements : Maternity Wears, Smart Wearables to Monitor Mother and Foetus 24 Hours, Ayurveda Medicine for Normal Delivery etc. are given @ Discount.
C.4) Normal Delivery : Organs Fully Developed, Better Immunity for Child, Minimum Risk of Child Obesity, Full grown Child, No Scar risk or Uterus Rupture in Future Births, Better Intimacy of Mother and Baby.

C.5) After-Delivery : Rejuvenation and Body shaping of Mother and Child, Early detection of Congenital and Rare Diseases through Genetic Tests, Special wearables for Mother and Child, After delivery care products for Mother and Child etc. are given @ Discount.
C.6) Vaccinations : 49 Vaccinations (up to 16 years) at different intervals, So that child is Healthy and Intelligent.

C.7) Lakhpati Child : Child is covered by an Insurance plan from birth, so that He/She will be a Lakhpati when Child becomes Adult. Further He/She will be covered by Health Insurance (Mediclaim) up to 16 years.