Benefits Doctors, Benefits Patients


In America 60% of Doctors are in Group Practice. In India only about 6% of Doctors are in Group Practice. "IDGP Club" proposes to promote "American Doctors Group Practice Model" in India for benefit of Doctors and Patients.

Sr.  Doctors’ Benefits Patients’ Benefits
Greater Patients Base & More Income One-stop Service For Patients
Increased Financial Security A Doctor Can Always See You
Increased Medico-Legal Security Easy Second Opinion
Enhanced Peer Consultation Better Health Management
Reduced Cost Of Practice Better Facilities
Better Prices From Suppliers Greater Convenience
Increased Medical Staff Availability Lower Costs For Patients
Immunity From Proposed "Cut practice In Health Care Services Act" Access To Standardised Records

The Doctors all over India is grouped into 210 IDGP Clubs. They are :
a) West Zone : Maharashtra-32, Gujarat-9, Goa-1
b) North Zone : Chandigarh-1, Haryana-8, Punjab-5, Rajasthan-12, Uttar Pradesh-26, Uttarakhand-2, Delhi-3, J&K-2
c) Central Zone : Madhya Pradesh-12, Chhatishgarh-5.
d) East Zone : Bihar-10, Orissa-4, West Bengal-20, Jharkhand-5
e) North East Zone : Assam-1, Manipur-1, Mizoram-1, Tripura-1.
f) South Zone : Andhra Pradesh-12, Telangana-5, Karnataka-12, Kerala-5, Tamilnadu-14, Puducherry-1

22 benefits to doctors through idgp clubs
B.1) Free Websites for Doctors

IDGP Club will give free website space for doctors in its 22 Health Portals.
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15) (16) (17) (18) (19) (20) (21) (22)

The presence in these portals which are marketed digitally by the club will increase the flow of patients to the IDGP Club doctors.
B.2) Making Profitable the Nursing Home / Hospital of the Doctors

B.2.1) Make your operation theatre a gold mine : IDGP Club’s Mobile Hi-Tech Hospital will do many of the Minor, Major and Supra Major Surgeries in your operation theatre by providing Expert Surgeons, Anaesthetist, Supporting Staff and Best Medical Equipments.

B.2.2) Medical Call Centre & E-ICU : IDGP Club’s E-ICU and Medical Call Centre will monitor condition of the operated patients 24 hours (using Artificial Intelligence based Face Recognition), provided Hospital has CC camera system and Internet. IDGP Club will help you to set up ICU in your Hospital with minimum balancing equipments. IDGP Club’s Medical Call Centre will monitor 24 hours your ICU patient.

B.2.3) Marketing of Your Hospital : IDGP Club will appoint one Resident PRO and one Counselor in your Hospital to Market your Hospital to General Practitioners and to sell our Jandhan Mediclaim Club Memberships and Jandhan MediBenefit Plans. Patients flow to your hospital will increase through memberships in 12 Jandhan Mediclaim Clubs and 15 Jandhan MediBenefit Plans.

B.2.4) NABH Accreditation : IDGP Club’s Accredited Consultant will get NABH Accreditation for your Nursing Home / Hospital at reasonable rate. IDGP Club will help you to implement NABH Accreditation implementation.

B.2.5) Mediclaim Profit : IDGP Club will help you to get empanelment of your hospital with GIPSA - PPN and all General Insurance Companies, Life Insurance Companies and TPAs. IDGP Club will operate your hospitals TPA Desk on contract basis. IDGP Club will submit reimbursement claims for your patients. IDGP Club will help you to recover unpaid amount by Insurance Companies / TPAs. IDGP Club will appear on your behalf with Insurance ombudsman.

B.2.6) Medical Negligence & Indemnity Shield : IDGP Club will give Total protection from all Medical Negligence problems. IDGP Club will handle all your cases with Police, Courts and Consumer Courts including National Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission and Supreme Court of India, New Delhi. IDGP Club will arrange Economical Group Professional indemnity insurance for Doctors.

B.2.7) Medical Staffing & Training : IDGP Club can provide for Club Doctors all Medical Staff (on contract basis or locum) including Consultants, RMOs, Nurses, Nursing Assistants, Hospital Technicians, Hygiene staff etc. IDGP Club can arrange training conforming to NABH Standards for all Hospital’s Medical & Administrative Staff.

B.2.8) Medical Group Purchase : Doctors can purchase all Medical Equipments in a group at lowest ratefrom manufacturers through IDGP Club IDGP Club can arrange all Medical and Surgical Consumables at the lowest rate contract.

B.2.9) Medical Equipments Group Maintenance : IDGP Club can arrange maintenance of all Medical Equipments through lowest AMC contract and Medical Equipment Insurance.

B.2.10) Smart Clean Hospitals : IDGP Club’s Hi-Tech Cleaning Division will do Deep Cleaning of your hospital at reasonable rate and will keep your Hospital Infection Free and Pests Free.

B.2.11) Contract IT & TPA Department : IDGP Club can manage your IT and TPA Department on contract basis. IDGP Club can provide you economical IT software.

B.2.12) Franchisee Profit : IDGP Club can setup Franchisee Laparoscopy, Arthoscopy and Endoscopy Surgery, ICU, Beauty and Hair. Ayurveda Department and other departments as centers of excellence in your hospital.

B.2.13) Medical Tourism Patients : IDGP Club can bring Medical Tourism, Dental Tourism and Ayurveda Tourism patients to your hospital through IDGP Club’s website Medical Tourism Income in India is estimated to be $8 billion (Rs. 55200 Crores) by 2020.

B.2.14) 100% Cashless Hospital : IDGP Club’s associate (Reserve Bank approved) Finance company can make all your patients’ "Reimbursement Mediclaim" into "Cashless Mediclaim" for all Insurance companies.

B.2.15) Doctors Finance : IDGP Club can arrange Loans to Doctors without security upto Rs.40 Lacs subject to Finance Company’s rules. IDGP club can arrange 12% to 24% returns on Doctors’ small and big investments. IDGP Club can help the doctors to do Medical Leasing to other Doctors on attractive returns. IDGP Club can arrange attractive start-up project investments for Doctors for high returns (Even 10X). One of the associate company of IDGP Clubs is getting licences from Reserve Bank of India to do P2P finance for medical community and women.

B.2.16) Income Tax Planning for Doctors : IDGP will help the Doctors in Tax Planning like 1) Purchase and Lease back of Medical Equipments from the Hospitals / Nursing Homes so as to reduce the taxable income of the Doctors. 2) IDGP Club will advise and arrange many legal tax planning for Doctors so as to reduce their income tax.


B.3.1) Jandhan Family Mediclaim Clubs : IDGP Club can give low premium, comprehensive Medical Insurance called "Jandhan Mediclaim" to Doctors’ patients. 12 Jandhan Mediclaim Clubs like Safe Pregnancy, Womens Health, Diabetes, Blood Pressure & Heart Health, Mental Health, Bone and Joints, Right Weight, Avoid Surgery, Child Growth & Development, Hair, Skin, Beauty & Wellness, Dental Digital Smile, Organs Transplant etc. will bring many captive patients to your hospital.

B.3.2) Jandhan MediBenefit Plans : IDGP Club’s 15 MediBenefit Plans like Safe Pregnancy, Heart Surgery, Joint Replacement Surgery, Bariatric / Diabetic Surgery, Cataract Surgery, Hearing Restoration, Cosmetic Surgery, Hair Transplant, Anti Aging Rejuvenation, Marry me Rejuvenation, Sex Beauty, Permanent Rehabilitation, Digital Smile, Ortho-Gnathic Dentistry, Organs Transplant etc. will bring many captive patients to your hospital.

B.3.3) Jandhan MediLoans : IDGP Club can arrange MediLoan from Rs. 10,000 to 1 Crore (as per eligibility) to patients for medical treatment repayable in monthly EMIs.

B.3.4) Home Hospital Services : IDGP Club can give Home Nursing and Home Hospital Services to IDGP Club’s patients.

B.3.5) Medical Holidays : IDGP Club will arrange Free / Subsidised Medical Holidays for their Diamond & Gold Club Doctor Members. Patients will be given Medical Tourism packages to Kerala, New Delhi, Chennai and other Medical Tourism destinations in India.


IDGP Club membership is free for Registered Doctors. Club members will enjoy benefits according to the category of membership 1) Silver 2) Gold 3) Platinum.

Sr.  Membership Category Sr. Membership Category Membership Eligibility
Platinum Doing more than Rs. 10 Lakhs Business per month with the Club
Gold Doing between Rs. 5 to 10 Lakhs Business per month with the Club
Silver Doing less than Rs. 5 Lakhs Business per month with the Club